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Name :   Around The World Holiday Gift Basket
Price  : US$ 89.90
  Description: Acknowledge the people who love you by sending this Around The World Holiday Gift Basket and make them realize their worth in your life.
This limited edition Christmas Gift Basket with Handle includes everything festive like
- 1 Capers Capucines in White Wine Vinegar (100 g)
- 1 Vegetable Horseradish (100 g)
- 1 Jar of Garlic Clove in Oil with Paprika (185 g)
- 1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold-pressed Basil (100 ml)
- 1 Hearty Tartar Sauce (250 ml)
- 1 Spiced Vegetable Oil Dill (100 ml)
- 1 Kunella Delikatess Mayonnaise (250 ml)
- 1 Roasted Walnut Oil - Kunella Feinkost (100 ml)
- 1 Worcester Sauce (200 ml)
- 1 Kunella Sunflower Oil Cold-pressed (250 ml)
- 1 Condimento Balsamico Bianco (5.5% acid; 250 ml)
- 1 Spreewald Linseed Oil, cold-pressed (250 ml) and
- 1 Tomato Ketchup (450 ml).
Delivery : Note. Due to COVID-2019, some flowers and accessories may not be available and we reserve the right to replace them without notice. However, value will be maintained. Stay safe!
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Gift online this Spreewald Gift Basket for and surprise your relatives and friends. This amazing Gift Basket is highlighted with 1 x Original Spreewalder Horseradish Cream in Glass (100 g), Buy 1 Get One snack cucumbers - The Gherkin from the can (1 cucumber, 100 g), 1 x Garlic in oil with herbs (185 g glass), 1 x Janks apple jelly (350 g), 1 x Dr ...
US$  123.90
The basket includes orange juice, multivitamin juice, pomegranate tea, shortbread biscuits with chocolate & raspberry, biscuits chocolate & mandarin, milk chocolate with mandarins, white chocolate with strawberries, blackcurrant fruit gums, filled fruit candies.This gift basket is a great gift for people who want to start the day with a healthy bre ...
US$  121.78
Our Franconian Vespers gift set celebrates the simple, yet treasured pleasures of home. This collection includes a thick-cut potato soup, a braided press sack of liver sausage, and a tender slab of bacon to complete the playful bacon-themed décor. This sophisticated gourmet gift is a shoo-in for family and friends alike. ...
US$  104.03
Dapple your dear ones with your love by sending them this Attractive Comfort N Cheer Gourmet Basket filled with all your good wishes. This Bamboo Basket comprises of:
- 1 X Spreeli Herbal Liqueur in a Flip-top Bottle (4 Cl / 30% Vol.)
- 1 X Party Horseradish from Spreewald Rabe (100 G)
- 1 X Original Spreewald Breakfast Meat (250 G)
- 1 ...
US$  67.90
This wine smells like a bouquet in full bloom and tastes like a gourmet meal in a glass. Mouthwatering and refreshing, it makes the perfect wine for any occasion. A wine that’s perfect with asparagus and an aftertaste of white flowers and aromatic herbs. ...
US$  20.85
Women are taught from an early age to be aware of their emotions, to have a relationship with food. Women are often more aware of where their food is coming from. Wine can enhance this experience, help develop your awareness of the food you are eating and heighten your experience. ...
US$  70.09







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